Food and Lifestyle Photography Services

We are an experienced Photo Studio working with local and national scale advertising campaigns and product launches. We provide photos in all kinds of formats fitting your needs (menu, billboards, roll ups, magazine covers, social media etc.). We are very familiar with the processes of branding and promotion both in paper and social media.

Food photos, interior, lifestyle
Splash photography
Contents for advertising campaigns, catalogs, brochures, books and social networks
Editorial photography
Post-production and retouch
Short movies



We have been working close with advertising agencies for many years, and have a broad experience in visualizing the concepts and ideas of advertising companies and producers.



We have been lucky to work with many producers. We understand the importance of great packaging design, and the challenges printing can bring. So we take great care of every detail, lighting and resolution.

Food place owner

Restaurant or Cafe

Owning a restaurant nowadays is not only about making great cuisine, but also promotion and presence in the social media. We can provide photos of your menu, staff and interior.



We have been published in Scandinavian magazines like Maison Mat & Vin, Rom 123, Elle Mat & Vin Sweden, Bolig Drøm, Bake, Tara Smak and Bo Bedre. Always providing the highest quality photos and great trendy recipes.

Shop owner


We have a large experience in creating photo posters, special brochures, magazines and social media content as a promotion of your brand.


Not in the list?

Don't worry! We've got you covered. Our large experience working with all kind of environement, support and material will help us fit your needs!